Community Service Officer


Shane Mowry

We would like to introduce our new Community Service Officer Shane Mowry. Shane was hired in June of 2019 to supplement the Oregon Police Department and will accomplish many tasks. Shane will focus on parking enforcement in the downtown district. This has been an area of concern for many business owners and Shane will make an immediate impact here. He is spending the first few days of his employment meeting with businesses and letting them know that the 2hr parking will be enforced daily in downtown Oregon. Our objective it so keep those spaces open for customers who are visiting our downtown.  Shane will also focus on Ordinance enforcement. He will be checking properties throughout the community to make sure they are in compliance with all of our ordinances. This includes mowing, debris and trash removal as well as other areas of concern. We hope you welcome Shane to the team and support our efforts to keep Oregon safe, clean and economically viable.

Shane is currently attending Sauk Valley Community College. He grew up in Oregon and is also a member of the Oregon Fire Protection District.