Street Department

Contact:  Street Garage 815 732-6411, City Hall 815 732-6321


The Oregon Street Department strives to make travel fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient for residents and visitors by thoroughly maintaining streets, alleys and sidewalks in a high state of repair following guidelines established by the Federal and Illinois Departments of Transportation that enhances the quality of life today and into the future.

About the Town

Getting ready to do some patch work

Oregon has 25 miles of paved streets, 2 miles of paved alleys and 4 municipal parking lots and we currently mow over 8 acres of grass areas.  We are the only City in the region which does extensive hot mat asphalt patching before our annual sealcoat (tar and chip) program.
We use an annual average of 250 tons of salt and 250 tons of limestone chips (mixed 50/50) for ice control and pride ourselves in having our streets cleared of snow before the communities around us.

We are the only City of our size whose dept. has itself designed and installed catch basins and storm sewer to drain low areas.  In addition, we are the only City in the region which annually inspects and cleans these basins – and replace/repair them ourselves when needed.

The Street Department has 4 full time employees and 1 part time seasonal employee. We do the vast majority of maintenance and repairs to our vehicles and equipment in-house.  Because of our broad experience, we are often called when unique needs arise which aren’t assigned to department by ordinance.

Important Things to Know

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    Trimming low hanging tree limbs over the sidewalk and street are the property owner’s responsibility and if done by City employees, the property owner can be charged for the labor and cited – Ordinance Sec. 9-42

  • Maintenance of the terrace – mowing, adding dirt, seeding etc. is the property owner’s responsibility. Ordinance Sec. 9-44

Street Deptartment Supterintendent
Mike Bowers, 35 years employee

Born at the Warmoltz Clinic, Mike grew up in Oregon, actively participated in sports and National Honor Society, and graduated with honors from Oregon High School.   He discovered his mechanical aptitudes growing up on the family dairy farm and working at a full service garage during his teens.  He then worked with a general contractor and learned construction and concrete trades before soon being asked to join the city’s street department.  Then at 22 years of age Mike was appointed as the youngest Street Superintendent in Oregon’s known history – where he has remained for the past 30 years.

He always finds time for his four grandkids and enjoys woodworking, hunting, fishing and raising rabbits in his spare time; as well as making wine with Kerrie, “my best friend and wife”.


James Morris, Ray Hawn, and Dustin Runyon