Changes for Autumn on Parade October 8th, 2023


Contact: Darin DeHaan, City Manager
Ref: Changes to Autumn on Parade for October 8th, 2023.
To enhance pedestrian and parade safety during Autumn on Parade the City of Oregon and the AOP Committee have worked closely with the Oregon Police Department, Oregon Fire Protection District, and the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department to develop an updated safety plan.
The following changes will be implemented this year.
1) The parade will reverse its route. Starting at Adams at 10th Street the parade will now go East on Adams and will turn North on 4th Street to Washington Street before returning to Hawk Drive via 10th Street. The parade will no longer travel on Monroe Street or North 5th Street.
2) The detour route during the parade will be changed from Illinois Street to Monroe Street for East and West traffic and to access North Routh 2 (Pending IDOT Approval).
3) The detour route for North bound Route 2 will be changed from Webster Street to Clay Street. (Pending IDOT Approval).
4) Signage will be placed at River Road and Mud Creek Road to encourage Northbound Rt 2 traffic to take an alternate route to avoid Oregon’s congestion on the day of the parade.
5) You will see additional barriers, barricades and vehicles placed along the side streets of the new parade route to enhance parade safety and to discourage vehicular access to the parade route.
“We understand that these are some significant changes for a historical parade that has been an integral part of our community’s identity for decades. We do feel it is imperative to implement these safety measures in 2023. “Darin DeHaan, City Manager