EconDev-2Oregon’s amenities for commercial businesses includes infrastructure of substantial quality and quantity for a variety of businesses and industry needs. Municipal water source is from a set of three wells, with a capacity of 1,870,000 gallons/day.   Storage capacity in two reservoirs is 1,700,000 gallons. Yet average daily demand is only 500,000 gallons with peak daily demand of 1,000,000 gallons. The amount of excess water capacity for use by industry and business is considerable.  Wastewater treatment capacity is 626,000 gallons/day, yet present usage is only 3
25,000 gallons; only half of actual capacity. Two industries in Oregon sit just outside of city limits, yet collaborative agreements have allowed the City to process paint line discharge for each of these metal fabrication companies.

Transportation infrastructure is essential for moving goods to market. Oregon is fortunate to sit at the intersection of Illinois highways Rte 2 and Rte 64. These well sur
faced and easy to travel routes provide easy access to Rockford and Wisconsin to the north, the Quad Cities to the west, Chicago to the east, and Bloomington/St. Louis to the south. This is accomplished by connections with two major Interstates: I-39 (north-south) and I-88 (east-west); both of which are only a 15-20 minute drive from downtown Oregon.  In fact, I-39 has been designated as a major economic development corridor by the state of Illinois.

Rail service also is available in town by the BNSF rail line. A private rail spur is also available on the outskirts of town. Rochelle’s Union Pacific intermodal facility is one of the largest in the Midwest and is located only 30 minutes from Oregon.  It can be accessed easily through our highway and rail systems.

A number of convenient air travel options are also available to Oregon. O’Hare International is a relatively easy 1 ½ hour drive. Chicago-Rockford International Airport is a short 25 minute drive.  Another choice is the Quad City International Airport only 1 ½ hours distant by way of I-88.

High speed internet optical fiber is available in Oregon, with high speed service (up to 1 Gb). For industries which rely on technology and internet services, this can be essential to their success. Contact City Hall for specifics regarding this service.  For other background information, see

Oregon is also proud to announce the opening of the first fiber optic subdivision outside of the Chicago metro area. In partnership with Comcast, fiber connection exists between the iFiber ring and each individual home. This high speed internet access provides ‘work from home’ telecommunication opportunities found nowhere else in our region.