Our Market

The success of several international businesses demonstrates that industries located in Oregon have access to world markets through local transportation systems.

But there is a local market of considerable size as well! Business persons with an entrepreneurial spirit will find opportunities here. As an example, a local resident recently began a pharmaceutical delivery service to northwest Illinois which has expanded to employ close to 40 individuals.

Our market is much larger than typical for communities our size.

We are at the cross-roads of two busy state highways, with thousands of individuals passing through our downtown daily. Our state parks attract over 800,000 individuals a year. Several major community festivals and events have a total attendance approaching 60,000. The 2010 census indicated over 65,000 people living within 15 miles, a population of over 450,000 within a 45 mile radius, and over 4.5 million within 90 miles. The opportunities for merchants to find a market for their business are obvious, and storefront space and property is still relatively available in downtown and at major entry points.  Contact City Hall to reach someone able to talk further about your interests.

Optical fiber high speed internet is also available in town and opens a market to the World Wide Web. In addition to the iFiber trunk line through town, household businesses now have access to the same market thanks to the opening of a new subdivision with optical fiber internet access directly to the home. Oregon is the first such ‘wired community’ in Northern Illinois outside of suburban Chicago.