Franklin Creek Grist Mill

The Grist Mill is the only Grist Mill still powered exclusively by water in Illinois. Although a reconstruction, the original mill stood in the same site as the reconstructed mill until it was raised in the 1930’s. ¬†Built by an all volunteer effort led by Don Baker the water wheel is 12 feet 2 inches in diameter, 5 feet wide, has 36 cups, weighs over 8,000 pounds and develops approximately 20 horse power turns at a maximum 10 revolutions per minute. The wheel is made from corten steel that will not rust.

Water from the mill spring one half mile upstream of the mill flows through a 900 foot long under ground pipe into a two and one-half surface acre holding pond. From there the water travels through a control gate into a pipe laid in the original mill raceway(200 feet long) into the bulkhead of the mill. The bulkhead contains a spillway to control water height and gate valves to control water going into the flume. A sluice gate at the north end then controls the amount of water going onto the water wheel. The sluice gate is raised and lowered by the miller when he turns a wheel on the first floor of the mill to control the flow of water to the wheel.