Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair

Workshops will cover topics including local foods, how to produce, prepare and preserve your own food, raising small animals, how communities can work together to build more sustainable systems, energy use and efficiency in third world countries, growth and resource consumption, natural health management, adapting to change and many more. Enjoyable and educational children’s activities will be offered.

The Illinois Renewable Energy Association will host theFifteenth Annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair on August 20 and 21, 2016, at the Ogle County Fairgrounds, Oregon, Illinois.

The Fair is “expected and respected” and is known as Illinois’ premiere renewable energy event. Exhibitors will showcase their projects and businesses. Sixty concurrent workshops will cover topics including climate change, using solar, wind and biomass for electricity, alternative heating and vehicles, energy efficiency in homes businesses and communities, remodeling for energy efficiency, sustainability, organic produce, food preparation and preservation, planning organic gardens, and sustainable lifestyles. Each year more workshops focus on what people can do in their own lives to be energy independent and live sustainable lifestyles.

Workshops are the highlight of the Fair. Speakers are known for their excellence in both content and presentation. Several well known speakers and authors have made keynote presentations. They include Dr. Thorsteinn Sigfusson from Iceland, Professor Manuel Solis from Peru, Fred Kirschenmann, distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University, Howard Latin of Rutgers Law School, Dr. William Miller from the Renewable Energy Laboratory, Linda Wiggington, founder of the America Passivhaus Institute, Dr. Torbjorn Lahti, founder of the Natural Step in Sweden, Hunter Lovins, author of Natural Capitalism, Dr. Berndt Steinmuller, a leader of the German Passivhaus program, and John Perlin, author of Space to Earth, the Story of Solar Electricity.

Children’s activities, musical entertainment, and a variety of healthy foods will be offered.

To allow widespread availability, a modest entry fee will allow access to all exhibits, workshops and parking. Only food purchases are extra.

Organizers of the Fair chose the Ogle County Fairgrounds for its proximity to northern Illinois urban concentrations. Visitors and participants alike have praised the location for its beauty, friendly atmosphere and qualities including camping facilities and overall atmosphere.

As a result of the Fairs, new residents have moved to the area to build energy efficient homes; other current residents have upgraded their homes and energy systems. The Fair provides the opportunity to bring together many elements in one location and then to spread the initiative through interested communities.

IREA will continue training Illinois citizens to install PV systems in Latin America and has sent a Board member to Guatemala and Jamaica to install systems for isolated health clinics.