Public Art Commission

  1. Purpose:
    The purpose of this chapter is to establish a public arts advisory commission, hereinafter referred to as the “arts commission”, to advise the Oregon city council in the promotion of public art within the city’s physical environment and public spaces.
  2. Commission Created; Appointment; Term:
    The arts commission shall consist of seven (7) members, appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city council. The appointment of each member of the arts commission shall be for staggered terms of four (4) years. At the time of the initial appointment, the mayor shall designate the length of term for each member to provide for staggered terms.

We are in search of additional members for the commission:

Current Members:

Julie Kennelly – Chairperson
Michael Glenn
Shirley Battin
Cheryl Bunton
Joy Meyer
Randee Mennenga
Chloe Metz

Our first meeting will be September 28th, 2023 at 4:30p.m. at Oregon City Hall.