Budget and Finance

The Department of Finance is responsible for city accounting, including supervision over the clerk and treasurer.   The department also attends to the printing, publication and distribution as required by law of all city accounts and approves or disapproves of warrants (bills) filed against the city.
The fiscal year of the city begins on the first day of May of each year and ends on the last day of April the following year.

Note: prior ordinances and budgets can be found in Archived Documents.

Levy; tax collection

On or before the second Tuesday in September in each year, the City Council shall ascertain the total amount of appropriations legally made or budgeted for and any amount deemed necessary to defray additional expenses and liabilities for all corporate purposes to be provided for by the tax levy of that year. Then, by an ordinance specifying in detail in the manner authorized for the annual appropriation ordinance or budget of the city, the purposes for which the appropriations, budgeting or such additional amounts deemed necessary have been made and the amount assignable for each purpose respectively, the council shall levy upon all property subject to taxation within the city as that property is assessed and equalized for state and county purposes for the current year. A certified copy of such ordinance shall be filed with the county clerk on or before said second Tuesday in September in each year, and said taxes shall be collected in the manner provided for in the general revenue laws of the state.

Note: Prior tax levy publications can be found in Archived Documents.