Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee

Mission Statement: 

“To research, educate and advocate for a sustainable future on behalf of Oregon’s residents and businesses as it relates to economic stability and social equity while preserving environmental resources for current and future generations.”

News Release
Agenda and Minutes
Off the Grid Greenhouse

Committee Members:

Mel Cozzi (City Council Member)
Tim Benedict (Blackhawk Hills Regional Council)
Vic Zaderej (Local Entrepreneur, business owner and Electrical Engineer)
Steve Rypkema (Ogle County Solid Waste Ret.)
Russell Brunner (Byron Forest Preserve – Oregon Resident)
Kurt Wilson (City Council Member)

Darin DeHaan, City Manager – (City Liaison)

The City is working with Region 1 Planning Council to create a sustainability plan. You can view the project progress here:

City of Oregon Sustainability Plan | Engage R1 (