Tree Board


This Section of the Code is structured to preserve, protect and enhance critical infrastructure – the urban forest that is located on public land. The complete urban forest is comprised of trees across all land uses and ownership. This Section will regulate public property trees but recognizes that trees on private property are part of the collective community resource.

The purpose of this Section is to recognize the services and function that, trees provide as a collective asset to the entire community and to state the goals of the City of Oregon with respect to the protection, preservation, care and planting of trees on public lands.

Specific goals of this section are to:

  • Protect, preserve and enhance the quality of life and general welfare of the City of Oregon, its residents, and property owners; and conserve and enhance the City of Oregon’s natural, physical and aesthetic environment.
  • Preserve, protect and enhance the urban forest to ensure that trees are properly planted and maintained within the City of Oregon so that trees can protect, enhance and preserve the quality of life for people within the City of Oregon.
  • Recognize that trees are an integral part of the infrastructure of the City of Oregon and as such should be preserved, protected and cared for as other critical City of Oregon infrastructure.
  • Trees absorb pollution from the air;
  • Trees absorb and sequester carbon dioxide;
  • Trees absorb and filter pollution from stormwater run-off;
  • Trees produce oxygen;
  • Trees reduce flooding;
  • Trees stabilize soils and reduce erosion;
  • Trees cool the surrounding area helping to reduce impacts due to heat islands;
  • Trees reduce energy consumption by shielding structures from harsh winds and sun;
  • Trees provide a buffer and screen against noise, light and pollution;
  • Trees improve property values;
  • Trees improve commercial district buyer traffic;
  • Areas with trees have lower crime rates;
  • Areas with trees have higher levels of community interaction;
  • Trees provide important habitat for birds and other wildlife; and
  • Trees protect and enhance our quality of life.
  • Trees provide the City of Oregon collective benefits that extend beyond property boundaries throughout the entire City of Oregon.
  • Recognize that larger trees provide larger benefits. When a large tree is removed and replaced with a smaller tree the benefits and services are reduced.
  • Recognize that some trees may have a condition that constitutes a threat, danger or nuisance to the public or property within the City of Oregon or may be dangerous to the health of other trees and vegetation in the City of Oregon.


Mark Herman – Chairperson
Rachel Brunner – Secretary
Grant Afflerbaugh
Tyler Hagemann
Kayse Rushford

Darin DeHaan, City Manager (Ex-officio)
Bill Covell, Director of Public Works, or Designee (Ex-officio)