Uniquely Oregon

When we say “Uniquely Oregon,” we say it with pride! Oregon has been blessed with a variety of stand-out sites and attractions that make our town uniquely appealing. Although nearly unlimited, we have narrowed it down to five things that are NOT to be missed. Each is well worth exploring, filling an afternoon or maybe even a couple of days. Once you experience what makes us unique, we’re sure you’ll tell your friends that they need to visit Oregon too – it’s unique!

Gateway to the Outdoors

With over 11,000 acres of state parks, city parks, and conservation areas, Oregon is the centerpiece of outdoor activities. Explore to your hearts content.


Impressive Parks

Our local park system is one of the best in Illinois. The Oregon Park District includes a system of over a dozen local parks, recreation trails, olympic-sized pool, and so much more.


A Community of Arts

Oregon has had a long history with the arts. Originally a summer retreat of sculptor Loredo Taft, the presence of the artist and his friends have left a lasting impression on the community, with one of the largest collections of sculpture to be found. Plus, the Eagles Nest room at the local library showcases an impressive art collection from this illustrious past. Today, there is still a thriving creative community to take us through the next 100 years.


Annual Events

We love our festivals! With a number of events happening throughout the year, we continue to come up with new ways to celebrate our town, people, and history.


Unique History

A unique history is around every corner. From our connection to the river, our history of arts, and with new history being created even today, we know you will find Oregon to be “Uniquely Oregon!”