American Rescue Plan Act – Funds (ARPA)

Funded Projects:

March 21st, 2022

ARPA funds were provided to the Oregon Library to help fund their new computer lab.

April 12th, 2022

April 27th, 2022:

At last night’s City Council meeting Mayor Ken Williams presented the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce a check to help sponsor the Emerging Leaders Program. These funds are part of our first round of ARPA expenditures. Board President Donna Mann and Executive Director Liz Vos accepted the check on behalf of the Chamber.

On 10-19-2021 we presented a list of ideas we have for the expenditure of the $471,726.00 in ARPA funds. We wanted to engage the public and asked for any additional ideas.  Below is the power point presentation we shared at the meeting.

ARPA Presentation 10-19-2021

Below is the expanding list of ideas for the use of these funds.

ARPA Fund Suggestions: $471,726

Vaccine and Testing:

  1. Mobility Challenges
  2. Language Barriers
  3. Medical Mistrust

 Food Assistance:

  1. Grocery Vouchers
  2. Food Banks
  3. Meal delivery
  4. Partner with Restaurants and Farms for new programs.

 Homelessness and Housing

    1. Rental assistance programs
    2. Help facilitate downtown apartment construction
    3. Unpaid rent forgiveness
    4. Cover internet costs
    5. Support local homeless shelters
    6. Food, medical bills, childcare, internet access and other expenses
    7. Utility bill support
    8. Housing repair, roof, HVAC

 Immigrant/Low-income Support

    1. Provide language support for accessing federal, state, and local assistance
    2. Existing or new library programs

 Child Care – (State Certified Only)

    1. Financial assistance for family childcare providers or childcare centers.
    2. Support construction of new childcare centers or assist with capital improvements.
    3. Invest in mentoring programs to help navigate licensing process.
    4. Invest in training and coaching for childcare workers for professional development.

 Small businesses, worker assistance, and workforce recovery

    1. Financial assistance for non-profits, performing arts venues, entrepreneurs, creative industries, restaurants, bars and technical support for small business or nonprofits seeking grants.
    2. “Work with SBDC, Colleges etc.
    3. Financial assistance for workers in restaurant/bars that were impacted.
    4. Hazard pay for essential workers
    5. Hold event that supports small businesses.
    6. Help with City Permitting process for small business applications.
    7. Workforce development. (Existing OHS Programs)
    8. Invest in employment, apprenticeships, or educational opportunities for those most effected.
    9. Tuition grants
    10. CMAAA? ADA Ramp?

Community Wellbeing

    1. Diapers, formula, or other household needs for those most affected.
    2. Invest in services for mental health impacts for seniors.
    3. Invest in alternatives to LE for response to violence.
    4. Invest in gender-based violence response services.
    5. Drive up Pedestrian Mall (also green space)
    6. Fund a study on Theater rehab or deconstruction


    1. Invest in public right-of-way and other public spaces for walking, rolling and biking
    2. Invest critical transportation infrastructure like bridges
    3. Restoration of funds that were cut for transportation infrastructure
    4. LOTS – Lee – Ogle Transportation System (Wave Fees?)

 Revenue replacement and financial resilience City Expenditures

    1. Replace lost revenue due to covid, help rebuild City’s general fund.
    2. Funding to ensure City services and stability of City workforce.

 Tourism Support

    1. Advertising –
      1. Kiosks
      2. Community Tourism APP
      3. Wayfinding Signage for downtown

 Green Infrastructure

    1. Stormwater
      a. Eastside (Maybe too costly)
      b. Fund W/H Study of infrastructure.
    2. Green streets
    3. Green space
    4. Recreation Paths

Stakeholder meeting 08-31-21 – 

  1. Can we hire a shared Grant writer?
  2. Car Charging Stations
  3. Recreation Path
  4. Beef up what the Chamber is already doing by adding funds.
  5. Building Incentives
  6. Relocate Illinois Grants
  7. Essential Worker Pay for Businesses
  8. School – How can we enhance their access to nurses.
  9. Incentives for an Immediate care in Oregon.
  10. Help Low income with Gym Memberships
  11. Marketing for the Job Board.
  12. Assist the Library with a laptop technology work centers to facilitate technology-based workshops and classes for Citizens.

Public Meeting 10-19-2021

  1. Security Camera System for the Community
  2. Help Fund the Leadership Development Programs (Chamber)
  3. Fund some low-income grants for housing improvements.
  4. Zip Line Across the Rock River (Tourism)
    Consider Essential Worker Pay or other projects for the Oregon Fire Protection District