City Officials


Oregon’s city officials are more invigorated than ever about attracting new businesses and development projects and growing the community in a responsible fashion. We’re capitalizing on tremendous momentum and are eager to share some truly exciting development opportunities available for commercial, industrial, and residential interests. We can’t wait to partner with you on bringing your next business venture to Oregon!

  • Ken Williams


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    The Mayor is the CEO of the city and under our commission form of government also the commissioner of the department of public affairs meaning he has general supervision and oversight over all the departments and officers in the city. The duties include:

    • Commissioner of Police with supervision over the police department
    • Signs all contracts
    • Ensures all provision of the code are followed
    • The city attorney reports to the Mayor
    • Any other function not assigned to another commissioner is assigned to the Mayor
    • Sets the agenda for the city council meetings and presides over meetings
    • The Mayor, with the consent of the council, appoints members of the Planning and Economic and Community Development Commissions

    Being the face of the city the Mayor needs to be very involved in community events and work with businesses to maintain and enhance the central and outlying business districts.

    About Ken Williams:  Ken Williams was elected for a second term as Mayor of Oregon in 2019.  Prior to his election in the spring of 2015, Ken Williams had been City Council Vice President and Finance Commissioner for eight years.  He is also a small business owner, operating the historic Pinehill Inn B&B for the past 10 years.  The Pinehill  is on the National Historic Register.

    The mayor is also a proud member of oregon VFW 8739 – serving as the post Service Officer and on the Honor Guard for funerals and parades.  He is also a member of the local Rotary club, Chamber of Commerce, and was a founding member of the Oregon Trail Days Festival.   He has a degree in business and graduate degree in finance.  Was an officer in the US Army Infantry, a part-time police officer in Warrenville, IL, and Deputy Chief of Lake County Sheriff reserve.

    He was born in the small rural community of Lena, IL and has been married to his wife Chris for 45 years.  They have three adult children and five grandchildren.

  • Melanie Cozzi

    Commissioner of Public Property

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    Commissioner Cozzi was sworn in on 05/14/2019 by Judge Robert T. Hanson.

    Duties of Public Property Commissioner: The City of Oregon Commissioner of Public Property is responsible for the Water and Sewer Department and all property owned by the City.  Our water and wastewater is managed by City of Oregon staff.   Dave Kent is the Water and Wastewater Manager.  He is assisted by Jeff Pennington and Scott Wallace.   For fast service and questions about day to day operations direct your calls to Dave Kent.    (O: 815-732-7098; C: 815-499-7908).  Questions about other city properties should be directed to the City Clerk at City Hall (815-732-6321)

  • Tim Krug

    Commissioner of Streets

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    Commissioner Krug was sworn in on 05/14/2019 by Judge Robert T. Hanson.

    The Commissioner of Streets oversees the City of Oregon Street Department which is responsible for the following:

    •    Public streets, alleys, and parking lots
    •    Public sidewalks, footbridges, buildings, and grounds
    •    Street lights and traffic signals
    •    Parks, public trees
    •    Maintenance and repair or public vehicles and equipment
    •    Installation and repairs of City owned signs and properties
    •    Snow removal and street sweeping
    •    Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Terry Schuster

    Commissioner of Finance

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    An Oregon resident of over 20 years.  Proud of successful daughter and son who experienced our rich small town lifestyle which offered more than we ever imagined.

    Has been active in church leadership, the Community Arts Legacy, Library Board, and Rotary.  Passionate about the opportunities Oregon has for its future.   It is indeed a great place to work, raise a family, and participate in community life.

    The Department of Finance is assigned city accounting, including supervision over the clerk/treasurer. This department reviews and approves all warrants (bills) filed with the city.   Responsible for overseeing methods of financing city projects; creating an annual budget reflecting city priorities; and sits as the City representative on the Economic and Community Development Committee.

  • Kurt Wilson

    Commissioner of Public Health and Safety

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    Duties of the public health and safety commissioner are:

    • Issue all permits and licenses as required by City Code
    • Inspect, regulate and control all places, businesses, trades and occupations required to be licensed by City Code
    • Supervise and control all solid and landscaping wastes, recyclable materials and composting in the city.
    • Is also a member of the City Planning Commission by City Code

    The Department also is responsible for the supervision and control of

    • all solid and landscape wastes,
    • recyclable materials
    • and composting in the city.

Economic and Community Development Commission

Oregon’s Economic Development Commission was reinstated in 2015 as a sign of the city’s renewed commitment to promoting the community’s growth and development. The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss strategies related to business recruitment and retention. The explicit purpose of the group is:

The economic and community development commission shall have for its purpose and goal the maintenance of the economic health of the existing community and the promotion of industrial development, commercial and retail business and other supporting services, which will provide quality job opportunities, diversify and broaden the tax base, and enhance the quality of life in the City of Oregon. The commission is authorized to coordinate its activities with such local organizations and institutions as will affect a successful program of economic and community development.

Oregon’s Comprehensive Plan

Updated in 2016, the Comprehensive Plan is Oregon’s long-range guide for growth. The plan is the “blueprint” for future development. It is a “policy” document and “vision” statement that defines the City’s future economic, natural and social environment desired by its citizens. It is “comprehensive” in nature, whereby land use, major streets, utilities, and facilities are integrated into a unified scheme. The City of Oregon’s Plan does not advocate a rigid, legalistic approach to the long-term development of Oregon. Rather, the approach to planning commonly used in modern business – where ‘targets’ are set and used to establish standards and to monitor performance, but which are capable of modification as circumstances change – is proposed. The intention, therefore, is to have a plan which sets out a vision for the future, but which is flexible enough to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Members of the Economic Development Commission includes:

Don Griffin, Chairman
Phil Lehmann
Erin Folk
Terry Schuster
Tom Mahoney
Mike Glenn
Rebecca Hazzard
Randee Mennenga