Facade Grants

Facade Grant – Facade Grant Application Form Fillable

The city offers a matching dollar façade grant up to $5000.00 for businesses in the TIF district. The grant is for façade improvements that retain or express the original or quaint quality of our downtown buildings.

Some examples of previous grants include: Painting, awnings, and signage improvements.

*Note: Businesses that have public entrances in the back of their property are also eligible for these façade grants.


Oregon TIF District: 20

2023 Facade Grants

Tipsy Hog 101 S 3rd Street Paint/Stucco May
Ogle County Brewery 110 N 4th Street Masonry/Painting May
MOBEL Furnishings LLC 118 N 3rd Street Entryway August
A.M. Floral 120 N 4th Street Exterior Remodel September
H & R Block 408 W Washington Street Exterior Remodel September

2022 Facade Grants

Main Street Machines 103 W. Washington Street Garage Doors January
River’s Edge Experience 103 S 1st Street Exterior Remodel May
Hazel’s 307 W Washington Street Sign May
Patchwork Inn 122 N 3rd Street Windows June
The Hunt Club 101 S 1st Street Paint July
Mutts and Cuts 800 S 4th Street Exterior Remodel August
Tipsy Hog 101 S 3rd Street Windows September

2021 Facade Grants

A.M. Floral 120 N. 4th Street Awning/Windows June
Courthouse Tavern 133 S. 4th Street Sign/Windows/Masonry/Awning July

2020 Facade Grants

W@sh 303 W. Washington Street Windows September
Commerce Building 300 W. Washington Street Sign/Lighting/Paint October

2019 Facade Grants

Chamber of Commerce 122 N. 4th Street Sign August
Chad Brinkman 118 N. 3rd Street Windows/Masonry/Paint October
42 Tech 313 W. Washington Street Windows/Paint November
Wiggale LLC 400 W. Washington Street Windows/Awning December

2018 Facade Grants

Sunrise Family Restaurant 116 N. 4th Street Masonry/Paint April
Ken Williams 410 W. Washington Street Windows/Door/Lights July

2017 Facade Grants

Charlies Restaurant 317 W. Washington Street Awning March
Flower Patch 120 N. 4th Street Paint August
Washington Corner 300 W. Washington Street Sign/Lights/Paint September
Wiggale LLC 400 W. Washington Street Windows December
Merlin Hagemann 305 W. Washington Street Windows December

2016 Facade Grants

Snyder Pharmacy 201 N. 4th Street Paint January
Conover Square Mall 201 N. 3rd Street Stucco Repair May

2014 Facade Grants

Edward Jones Office 315 W. Washington Street Windows/Door April

2013 Facade Grants

A Perfect Parrot 118 N. 3rd Street Stucco Repair May
Smith’s Furniture 116 N. 3rd Street Exterior Siding June

2011 Facade Grants

Oregon Masonic Lodge 117 1/2 S. 4th Street Masonry Repairs February
Country Financial 115 S. 4th Street Masonry Repairs December

2010 Facade Grants

Washington Corner Ltd. 300 W. Washington Street Windows January
Patchwork Inn 122 N 3rd Street Multiple Exterior Repairs October
Philip Zaffer 410 W. Washington Street Masonry Repairs/Awning December