Public Works – Street Division

Contact:  Jordan Plock – Foreman

Street Garage 815 732-6411, City Hall 815 732-6321


Devin DeHaan, Skyler Bethel, Aaron Montoya, Corey Fry

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2024 Street Project Information:

Reminder: Oregon Street Projects will be starting in approximately three (3) weeks. A.C. Pavement Striping Co. received the bid for our 2024 Seal Coating project. This is paid for from our Motor Fuel Tax fund. The project will re-do the areas that failed in 2023 as well as this year planned streets. We are also adding a fog coat over the roads, which will help to minimize dust. We understand that road projects are an inconvenience to our residents, but the process is completed to help the longevity of our roads. Other projects are improving the parkway along south 9th street to help with off street parking due to the narrow roadway as well as completing the last section of Street Scape (Sidewalk) along the 400 Block of West Washington Street and replacing the pavement at the intersection of Madison and South 5th Street (Nash area). IDOT is also planning to re-do Rt 64 from Mt. Morris through Oregon to 1st Street as well. “We will push out more information for all of these projects as well as notifications for residents and businesses as we get closer.” Darin DeHaan, City Manager and Bill Covell, Dir. of Public Works.

Maps 2024 Road Projects


The Oregon Street Department strives to make travel fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient for residents and visitors by thoroughly maintaining streets, alleys and sidewalks in a high state of repair following guidelines established by the Federal and Illinois Departments of Transportation that enhances the quality of life today and into the future.

About the Town

Oregon has 25 miles of paved streets, 2 miles of paved alleys and 4 municipal parking lots and we currently mow over 8 acres of grass areas.  We are the only City in the region which does extensive hot mat asphalt patching before our annual sealcoat (tar and chip) program.

We use an annual average of 250 tons of salt and 250 tons of limestone chips (mixed 50/50) for ice control and pride ourselves in having our streets cleared of snow before the communities around us.

We are the only City of our size whose dept. has itself designed and installed catch basins and storm sewer to drain low areas.  In addition, we are the only City in the region which annually inspects and cleans these basins – and replace/repair them ourselves when needed.

The Street Department has 5 full time employees and 1 part-time seasonal employee. We do the vast majority of maintenance and repairs to our vehicles and equipment in-house.  Because of our broad experience, we are often called when unique needs arise which aren’t assigned to department by ordinance.

Important Things to Know

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    Trimming low hanging tree limbs over the sidewalk and street are the property owner’s responsibility and if done by City employees, the property owner can be charged for the labor and cited – Ordinance Sec. 9-42

  • Maintenance of the terrace – mowing, adding dirt, seeding etc. is the property owner’s responsibility. Ordinance Sec. 9-44
  • Reminder to all citizens to not let their grass height more than six (6) inches in height. Also when mowing do not blow into Streets.