Police Personnel

Code of Ethics

 AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind;
to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception,
the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder;
and to respect the Constitutional rights of all people to liberty, equality, and justice.

  • Darin DeHaan

    Chief of Police

    Date of Hire: 10/14/1996

    Chief DeHaan has served the City of Oregon as a police officer for 21 years. He was hired as a full-time officer in 1996. He worked his way through the ranks of the Oregon Police Department.  From Patrol Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, Detective, Lieutenant, and finally appointed as Chief of Police in 2005.  Chief DeHaan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement Administration from WIU.  On June 20th 2008 he completed the requirements and received a Masters of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Northwestern University.  Chief DeHaan is also a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command #192 where he served as Vice-President of his class. Chief DeHaan is currently on the board of directors for the Lee, Ogle, Carroll County CASA board, an organization that serves abused and neglected children in our communities.

  • Mary Elliott

    Administrative Assistant

    Date of Hire: 08/11/1997

    Mary is our Administrative Assistant. She has numerous tasks that she performs for the public. From records keeping, to billing, ordinance violation tracking, and many other things. She does a great job keeping everything running smoothly.


  • Shawn Melville


    Date of Hire: 07/01/1998

    Lt. Melville currently holds the  position of Detective.  Lt. Melville  handles a majority of the Felony and Drug Investigations for the Oregon Police Department. Lt. Melville is our Field Training Officer Supervisor, a certified firearms instructor, and a gang crime expert.

  • Randy Cropp


    Date of Hire: 01/10/2000

    Sergeant Cropp joined the Oregon Police Department in January of 2000. Prior to employment with us he worked for the Freeport Police Department. Sergeant Cropp is a certified firearms instructor, and field training officer.

  • Joseph Brooks


    Date of Hire: 05/20/2002

    Sgt. Brooks was our K-9 handler. He continues his duties as Evidence Room Supervisor, Shift Supervisor and field training officer. Sgt. Brooks is also a certified commercial vehicle enforcement officer.

  • Matthew Kalnins

    Patrol Officer

    Date of Hire: 04/10/2006

    Officer Kalnins is originally from Oregon where he graduated from Oregon High School in 2001. Officer Kalnins was previously employed as a Correctional Officer with the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department. Officer Kalnins is our control tactics instructor. He is also a member of the ILEAS Mobile Field Force.

  • Tad Dominski

    Patrol Officer

    Date of Hire: 11/25/14

    Officer Dominski started his career as a Oregon Park District Police officer. He then worked as a correctional officer for the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department before being appointed as a full-time officer for the Oregon Police Department.  Officer Dominski is currently a member of the Ogle County Emergency Response team. Officer Dominski is also bike patrol officer.

  • Steve Mattas

    Patrol Officer

    Date of Hire: 11/22/2016

    Officer Mattas was hired in November of 2016. He attended the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA) at the College of DuPage. Officer Mattas graduated from the academy on March 31st 2017 and is currently assigned to patrol.

  • Kristine Tesnow

    Patrol Officer

    Date of Hire: 09/11/2018

    Kristine was hired on 09/11/18 and will attend the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy from September 2018 until December of 2018.

  • Josh Lee

    Patrol Officer

    Date of Hire 11/27/2018

    Josh was hired on 11/27/18 and will attend the Southwestern Police Academy in March. In the mean time Josh has completed his State of Illinois firearms certification and will be with Field Training Officers.

  • Brian Ketter

    Part-time Patrol Officer

    Officer Ketter is a full time deputy of the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department. He has worked in a part-time capacity for our department for several years.

  • Adam Frisbie

    Part-time Patrol Officer

    Adam was sworn in as a Part-time officer. He is a full-time fireman for the Rockford Fire Department.

  • Shane Mowry

    Community Service Officer

    We would like to introduce our new Community Service Officer Shane Mowry. Shane was hired in June of 2019 to supplement the Oregon Police Department and will accomplish many tasks. Shane will focus on parking enforcement in the downtown district. This has been an area of concern for many business owners and Shane will make an immediate impact here. He is spending the first few days of his employment meeting with businesses and letting them know that the 2hr parking will be enforced daily in downtown Oregon. Our objective it so keep those spaces open for customers who are visiting our downtown.  Shane will also focus on Ordinance enforcement. He will be checking properties throughout the community to make sure they are in compliance with all of our ordinances. This includes mowing, debris and trash removal as well as other areas of concern. We hope you welcome Shane to the team and support our efforts to keep Oregon safe, clean and economically viable.

    Shane is currently attending Sauk Valley Community College. He grew up in Oregon and is also a member of the Oregon Fire Protection District.