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Covid-19 Update from Mayor Ken Williams: 3-23 release

City of Oregon: Community announcements regarding COVID-19 updates.

Please check this page and “City Announcements” regularly for updates.

All of us at the City are committed to providing the essential level of services you have come to expect. As your closest and first level of government we will do our best to answer your questions. While not all items will be under our control we will be a clearinghouse for as much information as possible.

This website will post public notices for the community as they are received.

4/5/20   Important Notice from Ogle County Public Health Department.

“Ogle County is now at the beginning of the epidemiological curve. This means that we will continue to see an increasing number new cases.

We need the public to stay home to minimize those number of cases that we will get here locally. I realize that it is hard to understand because we are fighting something that we are unable to see. The sentiment seems to be that, “I am healthy and the virus can not hurt me”. The Covid-19 virus has been confirmed to be in our communities.

This fight is not about you as an individual. This is about community, about the common good, about protecting our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children, our friends, our healthcare workers, first responders, and the other people on the front lines. Our communities’ are going to be facing tough decisions based on how well our people adhere to social distancing, staying at home, washing hands and other prevention tactics.

Ogle County Health Department has been talking to many of our residents and for the most part people have been great to work with. We have also talked to some with a blatant disregard for the public’s health.

Please help our staff to keep you all safe! We have extremely dedicated people that are working, as I type this, trying to protect the people of Ogle County! We will see the worst of this in the next several weeks. Community participation will ultimately determine how severe this gets!

This is not a hoax! This is not a joke! This is not politics! This is not meant to instill fear in you! Use common sense and Please take this seriously!!!

Kyle Auman
Public Health Administrator
Ogle County Health Department

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM CITY OF OREGON:   Identified cases in Ogle County are young.   Age doesn’t matter to this virus.   Best advice: Avoid congregating in groups.  Socialize through social media.   Oregon Strong!



3/21/20   Beginning immediately Oregon Park District playgrounds, skate park, outdoor fitness equipment, basketball courts, tennis courts and dog park are closed until further notice.

Executive Order No. 8 issued by Governor Pritzker requires public organizations to close places of public amusement, both indoors and outdoors.    The parks will remain open, but the water fountains and bathrooms will not be available.  If you choose to use the parks for walking, hiking, running or biking, please continue to comply with social distancing requirements.    -Erin Folk, Director – Oregon Park District

3/21/20  Updated list of restaurants open, and their services Click HERE

3/18/20   List of local restaurants open for delivery, pick-up, and carry out.   No one wants to cook dinner EVERY night, so consider carry out for the family on an occasional basis.  Or a morning coffee and muffin, or sandwich or soup for lunch.   This is one of best ways to support our local eateries and economy during this emergency.   Click HERE to see list of all local restaurants, phone numbers, and services they offer.  Please be courteous and call in advance to avoid waits and lines.

3/17/20  Information on bar and restaurant food services:   YES, some restaurants have made the decision to remain open to serve customers, but Governor Pritzker has ordered no “on-site consumption” to limit risk of public exposure.  Customers may call for curb side pick-up or delivery.  Customers may enter the premises to purchase food or beverages for carry-out only.    If ordering carry-out, customers are strongly urged to call in orders well in advance to avoid wait time and long pick-up lines (which could increase risk of exposure). 

Social distancing (six foot separation) is expected to be practiced.

This is the distance of two adult outstretched arms touching fingertips.  

Further details on Oregon’s restaurant guidelines can be found by clicking HERE.   

Oregon’s Street Department has also established temporary ‘pick-up parking’ spaces near restaurants with time-limited parking for the  convenience of customers.  


3/16/20   The following is a list of city operations at this time.  Other public agencies and businesses may be reporting their own updates, so please check with them if you have questions.

  • City Hall will remain open during its regular hours… 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • Chief DeHaan is our Emergency Management Agency Coordinator and works with County Health and other department resources to provide communications for the public.   Please check our website and Facebook
  • City employees have been asked to curtail home visits to limit possible transmission of virus.
  • City Water service will not be shut off for non-payment during the duration of this emergency.
    • any water usage will continue to be added to the bill for later payment.
    • A repayment program has been established through the city for customers with overdue bills. Contact the City for details (815-732-6123)
    • See details of “Water Bill Payment Options” under “City Announcements”
  • City Streets Department will be assisting to establish temporary “pick-up only” parking for the benefit of restaurants providing curb side pick-up services.   Please support our local businesses by considering a weekly “order out” family meal..   A  list of eateries providing this service will be posted in “City Announcements” when available)
  • NiCor has announced it will not shut-off gas service for the duration of this emergency.
  • ComEd has announced suspension of electrical shut offs and will also provide extended repayment plans.

Currently known closings and cancellations.  If the organization you are interested in is not listed, please call them or check their website.  We also ask that you inform City Hall of other closings and cancellations as you become aware of them. (815-732-6321)


  • Oregon School District
  • Oregon Public Library
    • “Out of an abundance of caution we have made the difficult decision that Oregon Public Library will be closed to the public beginning March 17th until March 31st.”
  • Oregon Park District
    • “To ensure the safety of our patrons, participants and staff, Nash Recreation Center will be closed March 14th– March 30th.  All Oregon Park District programs and events will be postponed or cancelled through April 3rd.”
  • All Illinois State Parks are closed until further notice.  White Pines Cabins and Gift Shops are still open at this time.  The White Pines Restaurant is  closed.



– Oregon Woman’s Club Antique Show:   March 28th & 29th



The City of Oregon, Illinois is happy to serve our residents with comprehensive information to make your interactions with your city government a positive experience. With a dedicated staff of municipal employees, as well as area volunteers serving on boards and commissions, we hope that together we can increase the quality of life for everyone. Please check out all the information available to you on this website. We would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns.


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