Building Permits

building-inspector~~element25Casper Manheim is the current building inspector for the City of Oregon. Casper can be reached through Oregon City Hall at 815-732-6321.

As building inspector his duties are to enforce all regulations relating to buildings, inspect all buildings and structures altered and erected to ensure compliance with the building code.

The building inspector has the power to order all work stopped on construction, alteration or repair of buildings within the city if such work is being done in violation of any provision of the City Code.  Such stop work order may be served by the building inspector or any police officer.

The building inspector or designated agent shall have the power to make or cause to be made entry into any building or on any premises where work is occurring or has been done which requires the inspection of this official.

PDF download:

Short form for most residential upgrades including electric service changes, sheds, pools, fences, signs, decks, porches, steps, ramps, slabs, patios, roofing, solar projects:

Building Permit, General Form Fillable


Long Forms for New Construction or Major improvements:

Building Permit – Commercial

Building Permit – Residential

Building Regulation Links

Oregon City Code is hosted on the Municode website.  To see Oregon’s Code relevant to the following topics, click HERE.   Then type the topic you are looking for in the search bar on the Municode website page.